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Zozo Tabs

Posted on: December 19, 2015
Type: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS
Posted under: Tabs & Sliders
Compatible Browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Layouts: Responsive
High Resolution: Yes
Documentation: Yes

Zozo Tabs is a user-friendly, fully customizable, responsive jQuery tabs plugin to take any HTML content, including images, videos and display it in a clean organised and responsive tabbed navigation. It works out of the box, making it simple to create beautiful but powerful enough to build branded and highly customized tabs. This plugin features plenty of layouts , vertical tabs, horizontal tabs, responsive tabs, deep-linking, Flat Theme Pack Extension, powerfull API, CSS transitions and animations, 6+ sizes, 30+ themes, 35+ templates, 10+ positions, 65+ options and much more.

New Features in Zozo Tabs 6

This is our biggest release ever! We are sure you will be impressed again. ZOZO TABS 6.1 – jQuery Tabs Plugin comes with some awesome new features to the table including Flat Theme Pack Extension, enhanced core css and themes, more intelligent responsive feature. Latest version of Zozo Tabs is version 6.1 and supports jQuery 1.9.x, visit changelog to learn more. Once you have bought the product you have access to FREE updates. If you have any suggestions on how to improve Zozo Tabs, please let us know! We will seriously consider any suggestion and add it to the next update list.

  • Added: Flat Theme Pack Extension which includes 20 flat themes in dark and light and in 3 styles (contained, clean, pills)
  • Added: plenty of more templates/examples
  • Added: option disabled (data-disabled can be added to tab to disable it on page load)
  • Added: public methods (disable and enable tabs)
  • Added: load event to adjust content heigh/width when tabs contains image/video
  • Improved: 25% lighter CSS and cleaner (well-organized and well-structured code)
  • Improved: IE10 (Windows touch compatibility
  • Improved: Responsive stacking feature (more intelligent)
  • Improved: Documentation
  • Support for Font Awesome Icons
  • Fixed: conflict between zozo accordion and and tabs
  • Tested and compatible with all major desktop browsers including IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and mobile browsers. We have tested it on iPad, iPhone (IOS), Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Note 2 (Android). Opera Mini and Chrome Mobile.

Zozo Tabs Features

  • Responsive Design – Zozo tabs has unique responsive features with Cross-browser and Cross-Devices support, fully compatible with Tablet, Desktop and Mobile, view Responsive Tabs
  • Touch-Enabled – Tabs are displayed in a dropdown menu with touch enabled events and fast CSS3 Transitions, view Mobile Tabs
  • 10 Flexible ways to position – Tabs are very flexible and customizable, horizontal and vertical Tabs and it can be positioned in 10 Flexible ways, view Positioning demo
  • 30 Preset Themes – Comes with 10 classic and 20 Flat UI pixel-perfect themes that are ready to go, view Themes demo. Also comes with 4 style normal, underlined, clean and multiline tabs. view Underlined tabs demo. All themes and stlyes comes in 6 different sizes, view Sizes demo
  • 35 Examples/templates – We’ve created fourteen templates to get you started quickly, View All Templates
  • CSS3 Transitions – Animation is done in CSS3 Transitions and jQuery fallback for older browsers, view Animation demo
  • Load content and iframe with AJAX – load any type of content into tabs including via AJAX and optional cacheAjax,view Ajax content demo
  • Responsive fluid grid – very lightweight responsive fluid grid system included.
  • Deep-Linking – Zozo Tabs is bookmarkable and also supports deep linking. Makes URL automatically change when you select tabs and you can easily link to specific tab with hashtag. Deep-linking demo
  • Powerfull API – Zozo Tabs has a lot of public methods which you can use to control the tabs, view Public methods demo and callback events (select, deactivate, etc) view Callback events docs.
  • Nested and Multiple Instances – Multiple and nested tabs tabs allowed on one page and can have different themes and options without any conflict
  • Responsive video – supports responsive video including Youtube, Vimeo, object, iframe
  • Cross-browser and Platform – Zozo Tabs supports all major desktop browsers (including IE7, IE8, IE9, IE10, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) and mobile browsers. We have tested it on iPad, iPhone (IOS), Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Note 2 (Android)
  • No Programming Skills Required – It’s dead simple to install using jQuery selector like any other plugin, but also using HTML5 data attributes which means no coding required!
  • Event/Action – Zozo Tabs supports click/mousehover to select a tab.
  • Steps and Wizard – Tabs can be disabled to use it like step or wizard.
  • Flat Theme Pack Extension – in v.6.0 added 20 awesome flat themes, flat styles such as contained, clean, pills which can be combined with all themes in dark and light.
  • HTML Content – Put absolutely any HTML content, images, video, forms, maps, image slider and galleries
  • Extended Documentation – Fully documented and step-by-step guide provided to help you get up and running with Zozo Tabs.
  • No absolute positioning and height – animation and transition works perfect without absolute positioning or fixed height
  • CSS3 and HTML5 – All content is allways accessible to search engines and markup semantically correct to help you achieve the best possible SEO-friendly results even without JavaScript enabled.
  • Orientation – Zozo Tabs suppports horizontal and vertical tabs, view Orientation demo
  • External linking – You can put a external link or any type of link to each tab.
  • Autoplay support Automatically animate through Tabs when visitors arrive on your website with optional stop on hover/click (smart autoplay), view Autoplay demo
  • Automatically Scrolling – When clicking on tabs/downlown menu on smaller screens, it will scroll automatically to show your content.
  • Free support and Updates – Zozo Tabs is now in its 3rd version, and each of these updates has been free. Zozo Tabs is always under development, frequently updated and continues to offer more features and improvments with each new release.

Modular for Developers & Designers

Also allow developers and designers to create custom themes and customize your own build suited to your individual needs, modify, include or remove certain modules (reduce size of css by 90%) such as vertical, underlined, multiline, responsive etc. But for beginners and anyone new to CSS it is highly recommended to just start with the full package, without having to worry which modules are necessary. To start with customization read the README.txt file in the source folder and follow the instructions.

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