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WowBook, a flipbook jQuery plugin

Posted on: December 19, 2015
Type: JavaScript JS, HTML, CSS
Posted under: Images & Media
Compatible Browsers: IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome
Layouts: Responsive
High Resolution: N/A
Documentation: Yes

WowBook is jQuery plugin that allows you to create a online publication(like a book or magazine) with 2 different page flipping effects.

For a pdf demo, open the link in another tab : PDF DEMO LINK


If you bought the wowbook before because of IE8/7, don’t update to the new version. But supporting IE8/7 was holding back the plugin development. I’m sorry.

  • New feature: Single page mode
  • New feature: Responsive single page mode ( for mobile )
  • New feature: Cover bigger than internal pages
  • New feature: Toolbar (with font icons)
  • New feature: Table of contents
  • New feature: Lightbox
  • better pdf support
  • better touch support
  • new examples: a minimal example and a clean version of the live preview
  • new options maxWidth and maxHeight
  • several bug fixes

Features :

  • wowbook now can render PDF files using the PDFjs library! See more info in the live preview.
  • doesn’t need flash
  • lazy loading
  • curl page corner on hover
  • automatic thumbnails
  • right to left support
  • 2 realistic page flipping effects, one for hardcovers and other for regular sheets of paper.
  • supports all major browsers
  • easy to use: create your content using HTML and CSS.
  • Responsive
  • touch support (including pinch to zoom)
  • Fullscreen
  • Double pages
  • Unclosable book (also called book without covers)
  • Deeplinking
  • links work as expected: create a link to a page or a element inside the book, and the book will show the respective page
  • zoom
  • support browser’s back button
  • slideshow (with option for loop)
  • keyboard navigation (configurable)
  • mouse wheel navigation (configurable)
  • API
  • plays a turning page sound in browsers with support to the audio tag
  • automatic page numbering
  • tool to help generate a image sprite for thumbnails
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